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Benefits of Traveling Coach

Coach travel has come back into fashion as people are realizing its benefits.  This unique form of travel allows passengers to have fun, let someone else drive, meet new people, relax while riding in a luxury vehicle, see awesome venues, and be green travelers.


Here are ten reasons you should consider coach travel for your next trip – so get comfortable, sit back, and enjoy the ride.


All Inclusive

Coach travel offers great value – travel, hotel, and venue tickets are generally included in the price.

Exploring Great Places
The U.S. has a vast array of locations filled with historical, cultural and natural beauty. From day trips, to regional multi-day tours, to combination coach/cruises, there are diverse itineraries from which to select. Big coach windows also give you the best views of the places you travel.

Beat the Heat or the Cold

Tired of long winters with rough weather?  Ever get cabin fever?  Remember complaints about the hot temperatures?  Schedule a fun trip away from the weather that drives you crazy.  Spend time in the winter months exploring beaches and warm ocean breezes.  When it is brutally hot outside, take a trip north to cool off in the mountains, at a lake, forest, or cooler resort.

Personal Service

Coach tours offer a local start and your coach driver is like a personal chauffeur.  There is no need to worry about reading maps, getting lost, or losing tickets and luggage.  Your tour directors are knowledgeable about the places you are going and can fill you in on the historical background, the best places to eat or shop, venues, itinerary timing, and other options.


Reduce stress by spending your travel time in spacious, modern, air-conditioned coaches. Our coaches are brand new, delivered within the last 3 years.  They are maintained to a very high standard and have comfortable seats, plenty of storage for your belongings, and on-board restrooms.  You can even feel free to check out during the trip and take a nap.

Technology Helps You Connect

Coaches are now equipped with the latest technology including video, Wi-Fi, and satellite.  Connect with your phones, iPads, or computers to watch a movie or TV show on your trip and share posts with your friends on social media.

Cost Effective
With rising gas prices, driving your own car is less appealing. Coach travel can be far less expensive than taking a flight or train.  A coach also takes you directly to your destination – saving you taxi, Uber, Lyft, metro, or other transportation to the hotel.

Make New Friends and Socialize

To help passengers get to know others, Tour Directors create fun mixers while on the road.  Many people make friends who they choose to travel with on other trips.

Coaches are statistically safer than travelling by car. A coach driver knows the roads like the back of his hand, safely transporting you with a door to door service.

Environmentally Friendly – Be Green

Travel with a clear conscience – coaches are one of the greenest forms of transportation and six times less polluting than a plane.  A coach carrying 50 passengers is the equivalent of 20 cars.


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