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Becoming A Tour Group Leader

Have you ever thought about becoming a Tour Group Leader?  Do you have connections or a group of people who all want to travel together?  Do you want to earn free travel, make money, or do fund raising for a specific cause?  If you answered yes, we should talk!


Kincaid Tours has been working directly on pre-formed tours with group leaders for years. It’s one of the many value-added services that Kincaid can provide.  Whether it is our luxurious coaches, detailed itinerary planning, professional tour directors, or knowledge of how to have the best adventure on the road, we can help tour leaders deliver a world-class experience.


Below is some helpful information to help you decide if you are ready to lead a great travel adventure:


Who can be a tour leader for a pre-formed group?  Anyone.  You simply need to be able to design and market a trip to a group of people who want to travel with you.

How far in advance do I need to start working on a program? Ideally six – nine months, although we can put together programs in as few as three months. The earlier Kincaid makes reservations, the easier it is to promote the trip and ensure you get the best rates and experience.

Why do I need to start planning so far out?  The people in your group need time to make plans and budget for the trip. Most bookings will occur 30-60 days after you roll out the trip information and start the promotional activity.

Who designs the itinerary for the tour?  You do.  However, Kincaid will also be glad to provide consulting throughout the process.

Who makes the travel arrangements? You are the group tour leader; we are the travel experts. You decide the number of days to tour and the schedule, while Kincaid will handle the booking of hotels, restaurants, entertainment, museums, and venues.

How large does my group have to be?  To obtain the optimal travel rates you should target between 25-35 passengers, up to a maximum of 45 passengers.

What must I do before the group leaves on the tour? Your main responsibility is to promote the travel program and spread the word about the trip to everyone you know. Within 45-60 days of announcing the program, most of your promotional activities will occur. Seventy percent of your participants will sign up and put down a deposit within this period.

Who collects the tour fees? We can or you can. The choice is yours – whatever is convenient for you. To assist you, we can issue the invoices, keep track of all of the payments, update you frequently on the status of the group, and handle the documentation.

How does fundraising or commissions work?  You will receive a percentage of the tour revenue.  We will help you promote your fundraising cause.

Are there any costs to me? A group deposit is needed to reserve space. The deposit is applied to your final payment for the tour.  Should the group cancel, the deposit is refunded as long as you cancel at least 45 days prior to the departure.

What are the benefits?  A certain number of complimentary trips can be included in costing for each group, allowing you and an assistant to accompany the group at no charge.

What helps make a tour successful?  Successful tour leaders are outgoing people. Organizing a get-together to promote the program or to distribute final documents will generate a lot of goodwill and good publicity. In addition, a post-tour meet-up to exchange pictures and reminisce is a great way to start promoting the next tour.


If you are interested, please call or email Carl at Kincaid.