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A Message from the Director

As the Director of Kincaid Tours, I’m very excited about our upcoming trips.  All you have to do is pack… leave the planning and driving to us!


Kincaid Tours has built a great 2018 trips portfolio and several tours are already sold out.  Motor coach trips to New England, the Smoky Mountains, Mackinac Island, Colorado, the Canadian Rockies, various national parks, and the Rose Bowl are just a part of this fantastic line up. This year we have also designed motor coach/cruise combos to Jamaica and Cuba, adding Hawaii in January.  Cruising options will be a big part of our portfolio in 2019.


International adventures, like Treasures of Ireland, will also play a larger part of our future planning.  In the fall we will host a Classical Italy by Rail to see Rome, Venice, Pisa, Pompeii, Sienna, and Florence.  Personally, after many years of traveling, Rome is one of my five favorite cities to visit, and the Vatican is my favorite venue. I should also note that the food and beverages on these trips are outstanding!


Besides awesome destinations, we have great drivers and tour directors, ensuring best-in-class trips and customer experiences. Customers can use onboard wifi, play games, watch videos, and best of all, sit back and relax while others take you to your destination. The drivers know the best routes to get where you’re going quickly while incorporating great views along the way.  The tour directors handle daily briefings on logistics, history, venues, hotels, weather, restaurants, and menus.  Many customers that have begun to travel regularly with us have even developed friendships with customers and staff.


Our goal is to create memorable experiences for our customers. Do you have a certain trip you have been dreaming of going on? Email me at kgalbraith@kincaidcoach.com and I’ll have the team look into it!


Kim Galbraith